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13 juin 2023
Karim HARDY (Mines Paristech Docteur, 2010)

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Dr. Karim Hardy, a tenured faculty member at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the Safety Science and Emergency Management Department, is a distinguished figure in the intersecting fields of safety, emergency management, and health sciences. His academic and professional journey demonstrates a profound dedication to these interrelated disciplines.
Dr. Hardy's educational background is as comprehensive as it is diverse. He earned his Ph.D. in Sciences and Engineering of Risk Activities from Mines ParisTech in France. This was complemented by a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Safety Engineering and three Master's degrees: one in Defense and Security, another in Political Sciences and International Law, and importantly, a Master of Science in Health Technologies and Sciences, specializing in Public Health. This unique blend of qualifications endows Dr. Hardy with a broad and deep understanding of safety, risk, and health management.
His academic endeavors have taken him to esteemed institutions worldwide. Dr. Hardy served as a visiting researcher in system safety and dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Haas Business School, focusing on High-Reliability Organizations and emergency management, with a keen interest in health-related aspects.
Before embarking on his academic career, Dr. Hardy gained valuable practical experience as a safety engineer and risk manager in various industrial projects, where health and safety were paramount. His expertise bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, particularly in health safety contexts.
In research, Dr. Hardy's interests are extensive and impactful, particularly in the areas of public health and health engineering. His work encompasses models of accidents, system dynamics, system safety, complexity theory, emergency and crisis management, organizational behavior, and resilience engineering within complex socio-technical systems. This research is vital in understanding and improving health and safety protocols in various settings.
Beyond his academic contributions, Dr. Hardy is actively involved in professional organizations and holds several certifications, showcasing his commitment to advancing practices in safety, emergency management, and health sciences. His role in mentoring and educating future professionals in these fields is invaluable, as he imparts his rich knowledge and experience to the next generation.

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