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19 juillet 2023
Benoit LACELLE (Ponts & Chaussées 2006)

Annonces - Nouvel Adhérent

As a software engineer, I deliver Java In-Memory expertise to both startups and large companies. I focus in BI and BigData projects, both for R&D teams and business-facing teams.
I deliver this expertise through part-time missions. Either for long-running missions with a focus on architecture and complex features, or shorter involvment to tackle performance or production issues.
This expertise has initially been forged over ActivePivot (a real-time OLAP cube which takes advantage of JVM with TeraBytes of memory). I successfully expanded this experience to other InMemory technologies (including Gigaspaces, Spark, Indexima).
My clients appreciate my proficiency to deliver neat performance improvements, wacky bug-fixes and features claimed as impossible.

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