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29 août 2023
Frédéric ETHEVE (X 1995)

Annonces - Nouvel Adhérent

Seasoned executive with strong track record starting, scaling up and operationalizing high-performing teams, complex projects and innovative businesses. dual business and engineering background (Polytechnique – Telecom Paris – Harvard MBA) and global experience (Europe, North America, Africa).

Key distinctive skills
- 20+ years of people management at OVHcloud, Google, Orange and McKinsey which helped me build the skills and reputation of a strong and balanced people leader, capable of both leading and nurturing high-profile experts,
- dual technical and business background with proven abilities to interact with and foster collaboration among multi-disciplinary teams,
- recognized ability to both maintain a high-level strategic perspective and deep-dive on complex business or technical issues, from both C-level consulting roles and highly operational positions,
- long experience and understanding of the mobile and Internet industries, and of the specific mechanics of innovation-driven businesses,
- experience of and appetite for fast-growing and moving environments, with a mix of intellectual challenge and practical mindset

Team Leadership
Project Management
Sales and Marketing
Growth Strategy

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